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ok so yea im good with most parings id like to be my OCs if possibale but if not here are others id do and i usually do x men evolution first class any of the movies and 90s x men but if you just wanna make it up im ok with that :

Any heros will be accepted

Well i am indeed looking for a loki/villian it can be loki or anyother villian in the marvel univerce i dont mind ld like to be my OC depending on who you are i will tell you wich one i will be. If there are any pareings you like let me know i might be able to play the other if not romance is aloud with my OC. PG-13 to R rateings please and tell me who you will be and what you would like to happen comment or note.

Romy: says what im looking for a romy RP i can play rogue not so much gambit  if you'd like to RP this with me comment or note me PG-13 to R ratting im ok with any of the versions but please tell me were its from :
x men evolution
90s x men
movie x men
x men comics
or explane your idea(s)

Ok so like the tital says yea~ i could play either as either the seme or uke please tell me what youd like to to via comment or note

Static Shock:
Either with a yaoi/boyXboy pareing OCXOC pareing yuri/girlXgirl pareing straight/guyXgirl pareing or one of themXmy OC please tell me what you think either threw note or comment!

Teen Titans:
Either with a yaoi/boyXboy pareing OCXOC pareing yuri/girlXgirl pareing straight/guyXgirl pareing or one of themXmy OC please tell me what you think either threw note or comment!

Ok so i can RP as Steve and i would like to have some one RP at tony please comment or note me

DeadPool:..................................*sigh* ok so i have only found 1 RPer or both of them and im like either this is true and its surprising or people arnt reading this when i would LIKE THEM TO READ IT! ok sorry about that lil like..............yelling thing idk ok anyway i don't really mind like what happens ive got ideas for both of them just ask and ill tell you and i would like to be my OC i might be able to be one of there characters depending on the person ok? please keep it be tween PG-13 and R comment or note me any imfo you would like me to have and all so who you will be and GO!
ANY Weapon X people:
Well yea i was hopping to have like one of my OCs to be kidnaped and like be come one of the like weapon X people if that makes scenic and i was looking for some one to be one of the Weapon X people if you don't remember who they are look up Hulk VS and watch the last half or at least part of it keep it be tween PG-13 and R rated note me or comment please and thank you and all so tell me who you'll be if you need help knowing who they are if you for got its deadpool lady deathstrike sabertooth wolverine and omega red

PyroXScarlet witch:
i can play as either i dont mind who

i can play as either i dont mind who

Other pareings:

Ok well yes as it says i am looking for some one to RP as pyro. Well i don't mind if theres some one you want me to be tell me and ill see if i can RP as them but id like to be one of my OCs either

Alucard :

Mew :

Rose :

Elda :

Romance is aloud i can work with x me evolution or any other version i don't care PG-13 to R rating comment or note.

(and feel free to tell anyone else you know that knows about him or RPs or RPs as him or all three please and thank you)

Well yes id like a teen titans RP partner long time.....maria im not talking to you i love you but im looking for others......i dont care who you are i can be cannon but id like to be my OC. Romance is aloud PG-13 to R. comment or note
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Skurdy Featured By Owner Edited Sep 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist

    Looking for someone to roleplay with for my OC Raven. Here’s his ref, please read all of it before noting me with your interested:…

    He’s an ‘uke’/bottom type, so hoping for a switch or seme/top type.


    Ask me question by replying to this, commenting on the deviation, or noting me. =D


    What I ask of you as a potential partner:

    -Be literate. We’ll be roleplaying in paragraph form; I don’t do other forms. Done via notes.

    - Be 18+ please before even considering this. (I’m 21 myself.) I’d like to do some NSFW and fetish themes given the chance (don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a huge part of our rping) and such, so for both our sakes, let’s be of ‘legal age’, mm’k?

    -Be open minded. Granted this is a yoai based rp, so that should be pretty much covered anyway.~ 

    -and… if I think of something else, I’ll let you know. =D


    Idea for scene: Your character goes to a show one night in which Raven is one of the stars. Your character has interest in meeting mine. After the show, the actors and dancers are available for pictures or comments or what have you so there’s a chance to meet my character. [what happens after the initial meeting is up to the roleplay, where-ever it flows.~]

Katnappe13 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Student Writer
Does anyone want to RP?
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can i join :D
Aburiin Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2011  Student General Artist
Can i join?
MissDeadEnd Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Is this group active at all?
Klawberry Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011
hi i am new :D
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We are most thankful and flattered~
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